“Shining the light on the
path to GOOD CREDIT”

LIGHTHOUSE CREDIT RESOURCE CENTER is inspired to deliver excellent, superior and intentional strategies to enhance your maximization of credit and your financial outlook.

We are committed to assist you authentically and completely related to your FINANCIAL GOALS and DREAMS.


LIGHTHOUSE CREDIT RESOURCE CENTER is not a credit repair agency.

LIGHTHOUSE CREDIT RESOURCE CENTER provides credit review and analysis services with a written plan of action to help you achieve personal long term planning and analysis of your credit. We assist you with long term and life‐long concrete information to help you get your credit on track or back on track.

LIGHTHOUSE CREDIT RESOURCE CENTER provides expertise service and tools related to credit and budgetary items and resources to assist you to build or rebuild your own credit, without having to pay extra cost to credit repair agencies. Some credit repair agencies are great and some of them are not, but why take the chance with your hard earned money to find out. Use your money directly towards the items you need to improve your credit and credit score.

LIGHTHOUSE CREDIT RESOURCE CENTER is committed to assist you to save money, time and effort towards you building or rebuilding credit.

Why Use Lighthouse Credit Resource Center?

  1. Offers many years of credit related experience as well as mortgage lending experience.
  2. When LIFE CHANGES happen, LIGHTHOUSE CREDIT RESOURCE CENTER gives you a ramp to start or restart. College graduate, divorced, recent bankruptcy, new job after layoff, unfortunate loss of household income, etc.
  3. LIGHTHOUSE CREDIT RESOURCE CENTER is committed to giving you an easy to use, personalized game plan to assist you to become more effective and knowledgeable towards understanding how to maximize your credit situation.
  4. LIGHTHOUSE CREDIT RESOURCE CENTER will save you hundreds to thousands as the tools and tips given will allow you to do things yourself. Often the money saved over using a credit repair agency can be used DIRECTLY towards items you need to work on related to your credit.
  5. In as little as 60 – 90 days, many people experience good results related to improvement within their credit and credit scores.
  6. Credit Matters more NOW than ever before.
    • Homes, cars, and college tuition have never been more expensive. Having great credit can be the difference between you saving thousands to tens of thousands compared to poor credit.
    • Employment, insurance cost, and even deposit requirements for things as small as a cell phone and other services can vary related on how great your credit is.
    • Good credit can even be a great assistance to those who may start a business.
    • Good credit can even assist health‐wise and mentally, when you think about pesky collection calls and other annoying correspondence from collection agencies.
  7. Identity Theft is more prevalent than ever before. (Even Equifax had a recent security breach in 2017).
  8. We are Board Certified Credit Consultants and have proven in‐depth knowledge and analytical skills in providing solutions around credit building and credit rebuilding tools.

What do you receive at Lighthouse Credit Resource Center?

  1. A DETAILED, PERSONALIZED, EASY‐TO‐APPLY action plan summary to assist you in addressing items on all three of your credit reports. The detailed plan will assist you to build or rebuild your credit utilizing over 19 years of experience related to credit report and credit score items
    • Review Your Credit Report for inaccurate items.
    • Review your credit report for inaccurate personal information.
    • Build a detailed, personalized plan to raise your credit score or establish your credit score.
    • Build a detailed, personalized plan to rebuild your credit and raise your credit score.
    • Provide appropriate dispute letters that apply to your personal credit situation.
    • Provide credit and budget educational tools that have given others good success related to the credit building and rebuilding.

How Much Does Lighthouse Credit Resource Center's Review & Analysis Cost?

For a one-time fee of only $199 we will get you started. No monthly payment or subscription required.

Married Couples
For a one-time fee of only $249 we will get you started. No monthly payment or subscription required.

Our philosophy is to keep cost as low as possible while providing the best tools to help educate you how to build or rebuild credit regardless of your situation. The average total cost for credit repair agencies can range from $1,500 – $2,000. With Lighthouse Credit Resource Center’s personalized, detailed credit game plan, you can use most of this money directly towards building or restoring your credit and other financial goals you may have, instead of paying $1,500 to $2,000 to a credit repair agency.

Can I Cancel?

Lighthouse Credit Resource Center is committed to help you achieve your credit goals, but understand unforeseen things happen. You may cancel within the first 3 days of payment.

How Long Before I Can Expect Results Once I Start the Game Plan Established By LIGHTHOUSE CREDIT RESOURCE CENTER?

It depends on each client, where they are with their credit and financial outlook, and where they would like to be. Yes some do see results as soon as 30 days, but we do ask that you allow a minimum of 90 days to begin to see positive changes in your financial behavior, as well as credit corrections results.

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